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What is the WorldWideWeasel?

Not so much "what" as "who."  Welcome to WorldWideWeasel.com -- The online resource for Internet junkies!  Here at WorldWideWeasel, we want to provide you with a single resource for fun and interesting information on the Internet that may otherwise be difficult to come across through conventional search engines and other methods.  The type of sites you and your friends tell each other about...now you can tell the world about them too!

That’s why we have retained the services of Wexler--the World Wide Weasel.   Wexler may be the biggest Internet junkie of them all, spending endless hours each day surfing the ‘net in search of unique web sites with fun stuff, money saving opportunities, and unique items.  In addition to being a mammal with a lot of time on his hands, Wexler is also very Internet savvy!  So rest assured that the sites Wexler thinks are interesting enough to be added to his site will be of some interest to other Internet junkies out there as well.

And for those single women out there, we know the number question on your mind.   The answer is "Yes, Wexler is single."    However, we ask that you keep your e-mails to Wexler on a professional basis related to the web site.  After all, most weasels are single because...well, they’re weasels.  Not very dependable in relationships, but great at surfing the web!

As interest in the site grows, we hope to bring some additional features on board to make the site the bes it can be for you our users.   So have fun, visit often, tell your firends, and let us know what you think!

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1.  How Does WorldWideWeasel.com Work?

After spending a lot of time in research and development with Wexler, we discovered that Weasel’s like to sort information into easy-to-retrieve groups to speed up their searches (Weasel’s are apparently very impatient--although extremely organized--creatures).  That’s why you’ll find our links grouped into what we call "Weasel Web Groups" that divide the information Wexler has compiled into categories such as "House & Home", "Music & Sounds", "Money & Finance", etc.  Each Weasel Web Group can be accessed through the main page at WorldWideWeasel.com (just return to the main page when you want to leave one Weasel Web Group and go to another).

Once within a Weasel Web Group, you will find that Wexler has provided you with a handful of links to sites he has come across which he thinks other Internet junkies (such as yourself) will find interesting.  Each link is tagged with a short description of what the site is about. 

Within these links, you will find that Wexler has marked one in each Weasel Web Group with his "seal of approval" (shown below) to identify the site he thinks is the most interesting in that updated Web Group--and the one you may want to check out first.  Other than that, the links are not listed in any particular order.

Wexler's Seal of Approval

Wexler's Favorites

2.  Help Us to Help You...

Here at WorldWideWeasel.com, Wexler and the rest of us are always interested in your opinions, suggestions, and comments. So feel free to "E-mail the Weasel" and help us help you.  In fact, we even give you the option to help customize WorldWideWeasel.com by providing Wexler with the URL of Web Sites you think other Internet junkies may like so he can take a look at them.  If he likes what he sees...well, select the "Submit a Site" button below or on the main page for more information.

3.  WorldWideWeasel.com’s Content...

One important note: all of the links we post at WorldWideWeasel.com are family-friendly and, to the best of our knowledge, free of any questionable subject matter.  Of course, like any other site on the Web, some people may try to "sneak" things in without Wexler catching it (after all, being a full-time Internet junkie can make a young weasel pretty tired).  In the event you do come across a link to a site which may contain either questionable material or links within its site to other sites with questionable material, please notify us as soon as possible and we will rectify the problem.  We want to make WorldWideWeasel.com good, clean fun for the entire family.  For more detailed information, please review our terms and conditions.

4.  Most Importantly: Have Fun!

Thanks for visiting us and we hope to see you again soon!  The more people that visit us, the more frequently Wexler can provide us with fresh links to more sites.   And since maintaining a web site can be expensive (and given the fact that Weasels don’t typically do a very good job of saving money or spending it wisely), we hope that you will visit our sponsors as we begin to add them so that WorldWideWeasel.com can remain free and continuously updated.  So be sure to bookmark the main page (or even make it your default start page for that matter) so you can check back often!


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