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If Wexler decides the web site you submit is suitable and that others may find it interesting, we will post it in the corresponding Weasel Web Group.  To thank you for your submittal, we will post your first name, the first initial of your last name, and your home town so that your friends can see your "name in lights" on the Internet (i.e.  Joe Smith, Anytown, USA)!  However, we cannot guarantee the length of time your site will remain posted and as traffic increases, those sites which are not visited as frequently as other sites may be replaced by new submittals.

We will only post your e-mail address if you wish to have it posted so that other WorldWideWeasel users who may have the same interests as you can contact you.  Otherwise, we WILL NOT post your e-mail address on the site.  We simply need your e-mail address so that we can contact you in the event we have a question about your submittal and/or to notify you if Wexler decides to post the web site you submitted.  WE WILL NOT SELL, GIVE, TRADE OR OTHERWISE SUPPLY YOUR E-MAIL INFORMATION TO ANY THIRD PARTY.   WorldWideWeasel.com is 100% spam free and we value your patronage to our site more than we do a few extra dollars from some marketing firm (besides, no one hates spam e-mail more than Wexler).

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WorldWideWeasel.com shall not be liable for the content of the web site you submit; however, WorldWideWeasel.com is a family-friendly web site and we will not post any site which contains pornography, violence, racial or religious slurs, other questionable material or information, or which contains any links to such sites or information.  As such, in an effort to protect the users of our site, WorldWideWeasel.com shall have final authority in selecting which sites shall be posted and this decision shall be final and binding on all parties.  In the event we become informed that our staff has unknowingly posted a site which contains any such questionable material or contains links to other sites with such material, the link to the material in question will be immediately removed.

Your submittal is supplied to WorldWideWeasel.com solely for the benefit of other users of this web site and not for any monetary gain.  WorldWideWeasel.com does not offer, suggest, or guarantee any form of payment or consideration other than as specifically provided for in the terms and conditions  for the information you submit and parties submitting URLs to WorldWideWeasel.com agree to release and indemnify WorldWideWeasel.com, its employees, owner(s), successors, and/or assigns  from any claim(s) or damage(s), whether actual or consequential.   WorldWideWeasel.com agrees not to supply the e-mail address(es) or any personal information you submit on this form to any third party(ies) or to use said information for any reason other to contact the submitting party in the event a question should arise regarding the submitted information and/or to notify those submitting parties whose submitted URLs have been selected to be posted on WorldWideWeasel.com.  However, if the submitting party selects to have his or her e-mail address posted as selected above, said e-mail address will be listed ONLY in conjunction with the posted link within the corresponding web group and submitting party shall indemnify WorldWideWeasel.com and WorldWideWeasel.com shall not be held liable for any subsequent correspondence delivered to said e-mail address by any other party(ies).

Any specific questions regarding the submission of web sites should be directed to wexler@worldwideweasel.com with the subject line "Submittal Question".


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